1) What video formats is supported by Cloud Stringers?

Ans: We currently support videos with file extensions *.mts, *.mov and *.mp4 but will be allowing additional formats soon.

2) What video formats can be uploaded using Flu Card Gold?

Ans: The AVCHD(*.mts) and P2HD(*.mov) format for now.

3) What happens if my video hangs while uploading?

Ans: The most likely cause is that the WIFI connection has been interrupted (kind of similar to a dropped call), please reboot your camera.

4) How long does my video stay up in the market place?

Ans: For 7 days.

5) What if I lose my Flu Card?

Ans: Please go to the Cloud Stringers Website, log-in to your account and report your lost card. You may also request for replacement card, however, a replacement fee will be charged for this service.

6) What happens if I forgot my user name/password?

Ans: Please go to the Cloud Stringers Technical Support Site and contact us, we will be happy to assist you in getting back your log-in details.

7) When a broadcaster buys a clip from the Auction Service, how long does the broadcaster have the clip for before the same clip is put up for sale again?

Ans: The buyer would have an exclusive license for 12 hours from the time the clip is bought; thereafter, the same clip can be placed up for sale again (either on the Auction Service, or in the Marketplace).

8) What happens my purchased clip is different from what was in the preview?

Ans: Please contact us. If your complaint is legitimate, we will assist you in obtaining a refund.

9) How do I configure my card?

Ans: Please download the PC apps from the Cloud Stringers website, and follow the step-by-step instructions.

10) How much is one Cloud Stringer credit?

Ans: One Cloud Stringer credit may be purchased for USD 1.30.

11) What if I do not have a pay pal account?

Ans: We advise you to create a Paypal account at You may also perform transactions using your credit card, but it would not be as convenient as using Paypal.

12) What if I do not have a credit card?

Ans: If you have a Paypal account, Paypal allows you to initiate a direct bank transfer from the Paypal website.

13) How do I buy credits?

Ans: Through the Cloud Stringer website. You can pay using Paypal or using a credit card.

14) How long will it take for me to receive payment for sold clips?

Ans: Typically, you will get your payout 7 days after the sale of the respective clip.

15) Why does Cloud Stringer use a system of “credits”?

Ans:In our endeavour to create a fair and efficient marketplace, it is our experience that paying for Content at the time of sale would result in delays and create opportunities for fraud (Users purchasing Content only to cancel their payments later). As such, we utilize a system of credits to ensure that Users who sell Content will be paid promptly. The system of credits also ensures that Users who purchase content have sufficient funds before allowing the purchase.

16) Whom might find the Cloud Stringer site useful?

Ans: Broadcast Stations who which to purchase amateur video clips that cover potentially news-worthy incidences. Freelance cameramen who have captured news-worthy scenes and wish to promptly sell the clips to the various broadcasting stations.

17) Which camera model is compatible with the Flu Card Gold?

Ans: All cameras which utilize AVCHD formats.

18) Where do I download the Cloud Stringers mobile apps?

Ans: For phones that run on Android, you may download the Cloud Stringer app from the Google Play Store. For iPhones, use the iTunes Store to download the Cloud Stringer app.

19) What is Market Place?

Ans:This is the webpage where Users place their various clips up for sale at a fixed price. The clip may be sold multiple times from the Market Place.

20) What is Auction Service?

Ans:This is the webpage where Users place their clips for sale only to the highest bidder. If Users have captured breaking-news-type footage, we advise them to place that clip up for sale using the Auction Service – such clips are likely to be sold for a much higher price in the Auction Service. Users have to pay a USD 50 fee and the clip will be placed on the Auction Service for 15 minutes. The buyer of clips sold via the Auction Service will have exclusive use of the clip for a period of 12-hours upon winning the bid.

Firmware Updates

Latest Firmware version: 2.8p
Date of release: 8 Jan 2014

Enhanced feature of firmware v2.8 and above:
Enhanced feature of firmware v2.5 and above:

1. Turn on the buzzer using PC/MAC application.
2. Backup all the data in your FLUCARD® GOLD.
3. Download the latest Firmware Upgrade. (See descriptions)
4. Plug the FLUCARD® GOLD into the SD card slot of your PC. Wait for about 15-20 seconds.
5. Extract and Copy all files from the zip package into your FLUCARD® GOLD, replacing existing files.
6. Eject and plug the FLUCARD® GOLD into your camera. Switch on your camera.
7. You will hear a low buzz followed by intermittent beeps indicating that the upgrade is in progress.
8. Upon completion of upgrade, beepings will stop. The firmware upgrade files will also be deleted automatically.
9. Off the camera. Plug out the card and plug it in again before switching your camera back on.
10. Your firmware is updated.

Note: Please remove the older version of the PC applications and use the new PC applications to configure your card.

Software Updates

Latest Software Version: 1.04
Date of release: 5 Nov 2013


1. Download the latest Cloud Stringers Software PC/MAC.
2. Plug the FLUCARD® GOLD into the SD card slot of your PC.
3. Extract and Copy all files from the zip package into your FLUCARD® GOLD.
4. Back up one Copy of Cloud Stringers Software in your Computers.

Note: If you see this message from your PC, "Do you want to scan and fix Removable Drive?", please select "Scan and fix(recommended)" to allow the PC app to configure your FLUCARD® GOLD .

Global Support

Cloud Stringers (S) Pte Ltd
30 Loyang Way #07-15
Loyang Industrial Estate, Singapore 508769
Tel: +65-6546 6088