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You are able to Register as a Buyer by providing us the information we require, as stipulated in the respective registration page. You can also upgrade yourself to a Buyer if you have registered as a General Contributor or Professional Contributor to begin with.

As a Buyer, you are able to navigate all corners of Cloudstringers World. This includes your own Private Room, Public Square, Professional Corner and Marketplace. You will NOT be able to access the Private Rooms of other members. You are able to make requests to purchase contents from the Public Square, Professional Corner and directly transact / negotiate from the Marketplace. You will also be able to make forward requests or assignment from members of Cloudstringers World to freelance for you or to tailor specific existing content in which you would be interested in.

As a Buyer, you will not have access to certain features that the Enterprise member enjoys.

As a Buyer, content that you have successfully negotiated and purchased will appear in your Private Room, of which you can immediately share across platforms. You can also download the content and use it for your intended purposes.

As a Buyer, you will enjoy 4 GB of free space in your Private Room.

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